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How To Take Care Of Hair Extensions

To get the full life out of your new hair extensions its important that you maintain them on a regular basis.

  • To keep your extensions looking like new you should periodically wash and condition with a rich moisturising shampoo and conditioner.
  • Brush and de-tangle hair before applying shampoo.
  • When washing do not tussle or pile hair on top of the head as this creates tangles. Instead gently shampoo the hair rubbing in one direction.
  • Rinse thoroughly to prevent product build-up which can also lead to tangling.
  • Also recommended is a deep conditioner treatment about once every two weeks.

Take Extra Care With

Most Remy hair extensions can be cared for the same as real human hair, however extra care should be taken.

  • When cleaning, a mild shampoo and light conditioner is recommended to reduce tangling.
  • To prevent matting, using cool water is better than hot water.

Tips and Hints

  • Sleep with your hair tied up, in a braid or a bun.
  • Use a loop brush.
  • Use a good shampoo/ conditioner
  • Never ever sleep with your hair wet.
  • Never use silicon oil based products as these will cause slipping of the beads.

The Safest Way To Dye Hair Extensions

To achieve this is very easy and straight forward and requires little time. To avoid damaging hair extensions with a botched D.I.Y home job you would be better off to get a professional hair dresser to help you.

If you do decide to alter the colour of your hair extensions you would be better off always to dye them darker not lighter. Always use a good quality semi-permanent hair dye to achieve optimal results. For a perfect match it is always a good idea to dye your natural hair and your extensions together.

I always recommend that you always consult a hair dresser first. This way you can ensure that they are done properly and can avoid damage to your extensions.

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