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How to Install Hair Extensions

Requirements and Recommendations:

1. Immediately before the extension procedure it is necessary to adhere to the following requirements:

    • Hair on the head should be thoroughly washed
    • Do not pre-treat your of hair with nourishing products or hair care products (mask, bal-conditioner, conditioner etc.)
    • Hair and scalp should be thoroughly dried by natural air exposure, without the use of a hair dryer.
    • After extensions are applied, it is not recommended that you comb the extensions for the first day.
    • After extensions are applied it is not recommended that you wash your hair for at least 2 days

2. When washing your hair at home it is recommended that you do so in an upright position. Use warm water, gently spreading shampoo with a stretching-sliding action over the entire length of the extensions and natural hair growth so as not tangle the hair.

    • It is necessary that you use only non-therapeutic shampoos without balm.

3. Do not use any oil-based hair products (masks, balms etc.) on either the attachments or hair.

4. It is imperative that you use silk or silicone hair care products specially designed for hair extensions. Hair products should be applied only on the length of hair, avoiding contact with the attachments.

5. Wipe the hair dab with a towel without twisting them in a towel.

6. Dry the hair using a hair dryer, use quick passes and do not hold the hair dryer too close to the hair (if you are using a strong hair dryer you need to put it into middle position). Try to dry hair as little as possible to prolong its life.

7. Comb your hair only by using a hair brush designed for hair extensions. Hair should be gently dried and if bounds are formed, they should be immediately combed, holding up the strand.

8. When combing follow this order

    • Take the hair into a beam and comb
    • Spread the hair and comb it in a downward direction starting with the tips and gradually moving upwards
    • Carefully comb the hair at the roots, to avoid further tangling.

9. Do not perform hair colouring at home. It is recommended to touch up re-growth of hair roots in the salon.

10. Try not to exposure hair extensions to high temperatures – hot hair dryer, curling iron, hair iron, thermo pliers etc. They can damage the fastening clips.

11. Do not use chemicals on hair extensions.

12. Before going to bed the hair should be lightly put in a ponytail using a soft rubber at neck level, or you may use a loosely wound braid.

13. Do not to go to bed with a wet head

14. Do not visit a sauna and or solarium without proper hair protection – you should wear a cap that prevents the hair from drying out.

15. To properly care and style hair extensions it is recommended that you use professional styling products over supermarket brands.

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