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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Remy Hair?

The term ‘Remy’ represents the quality of hair. Hair extensions that are classified as Remy hair are of the highest grade of real, human hair and is the preferred choice for hair salons, professional hair artists and hair extensions. Remy hair blends seamlessly with your existing hair and is the most natural looking of all hair extensions

Can Hair Extensions Be Coloured?

Yes hair extensions can be coloured. Hair extensions can be washed, styled, coloured and blow dried more often and last longer than other types of hair, without damage, that normally occur with inferior brands. The hair used in our hair extensions has a wider diameter, making it thicker, stronger and giving it more elasticity which means they wash and colour better than other extensions.

Your Hair Looks Expensive?

The price of our hair extensions is reflective of the supreme quality, rarity and unique qualities present in our hair extensions. Our hair, with proper maintenance, will last you for a minimum of 2 years and even longer. The majority of online hair extensions is of average quality and therefore cheaper in price. Yes you can buy cheaper brands but those extensions only last for a few months before needing to be re-purchased. The overall cost of re-purchasing cheaper brands over a 2 year period works out to be much more than purchasing a single product from Sirens.

Are Sirens Hair Extensions Treated With Chemicals?

Sirens Hair Extensions company sources our hair from Hair Manufacturers. All our hair is 100% human hair and of the highest quality. It is guaranteed to be 100% ethically sourced. Sirens Hair Extensions have not been put through harsh chemicals and are non damaging to your natural hair. Our hair is 100% natural and long lasting.

Can Hair Extensions Be Used With Fine Hair?

Yes they can be applied to thin hair. If you have fine hair you can now be happy to know you can add that little bit of extra volume without damaging your natural hair. No glues no heat. Our hair is applied strand by strand and gives you instant volume within minutes.

Do You Have A Colour Selection?

Sirens Hair Extensions has over 40 colours to choose from. Whether you are looking for a shade or an existing colour match to your hair colour. If you want to add highlights without damaging your natural hair then look no more. Our silicon micro method is an easy application to apply and remove. We have many vibrant colours to choose from.

Will Hair Extensions Damage My Hair?

NO. Sirens Hair Extensions are non damaging to the natural hair. No heat, no glue, no waxes. Our hair is easy to apply and easy to remove.

How Long Will My Hair Extensions Last?

With regular maintenance, which includes brushing daily with a soft bristle brush, following our hair care guide and using our correct products Sirens Hair Extensions lasts almost indefinitely.

Are Hair Extensions Easy To Maintain?

Yes. Hair Extensions are very easy to maintain. Sirens Hair Extensions are made of human hair and is just an extension of your own hair. You just treat them like you would your own hair.

Do You Have After Sales Service?

Yes we provide after sales service. Offers you Instant style, Glamour & Sophistication. Create a new look with long flowing hair. Whether you are looking for that extra length or that extra thickness or both our hair extension specialists are here to help you. Sirens Hair Extension Salon is situated in Belmore, Sydney. Our creative and professional team are here to provide you with information that is both important for before after installation.


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